Aural Rehabilitation

Aural Rehabilitation

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KNOW HOW | It Takes a Village: Lessons in Group Aural Rehabilitation Therapy

Every Tuesday around 2:15 pm, a clamor of voices can be heard outside of my office.

These are not the voices of students, excited to end their school day, nor are they the voices of my faculty co-workers, filling their coffee mugs. Instead, these voices come from the six individuals that consist of the weekly group aural rehabilitation session. These six individuals come from a variety of backgrounds, with a diverse arrangement of hearing impairments, but all share one common goal—to improve their hearing beyond what their current situation provides. 

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2018

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Adult Group Aural Rehabilitation: Implementing a Successful Program

Over the years, there has been an expansion of group aural rehabilitation programs facilitated by audiologists to support new hearing aid users and their families. These programs focus on hearing aid use, the psychosocial aspects of living with hearing loss, collaborative problem solving, and the facilitation of communication strategies (Kricos, 2000). There are numerous advantages to offering group aural rehabilitation, but what makes a program successful?

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Implementing Family-Centered Care in Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation: The Hows and Whys in Clinical Practice

More specifically, this article will (1) describe the principles of family-centered practice in adult audiologic rehabilitation, (2) summarize observations of family-centered behaviors in current audiologic rehabilitation, and (3) identify opportunities to increase the family-centeredness of adult audiologic rehabilitation. To address these aims, we will outline the research evidence behind family-centered care (FCC) (the why), and from this, describe how FCC might best be implemented in audiologic rehabilitation.

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