Bone Threshold

Bone Threshold

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False 4-kHz Air-Bone Gaps: A Failure of Standards

During the Eisenhower administration, more than half a century ago, the Third International Congress on Acoustics convened in Stuttgart, Germany. It was a wide-ranging conference covering all areas of psychological, physiological, and physical acoustics. The list of authors from the proceedings is a three-column, three-page Who’s Who that includes many of the most eminent auditory scientists of the day. Some of the familiar names on the roster include Georg von Békésy, Nelson Kiang, S.S. Stevens, Juergen Tonndorf, and Eberhard Zwicker. 

Topic(s): Audiogram, Bone Threshold, Hearing

Are Sound Booths Necessary?

Margolis and Madsen (2015) examined the need for (or lack of) and effectiveness of sound rooms/booths. They considered the testing ranges of people undergoing audiometric tests, as well as an analysis of four different test rooms/booths and five different earphones. The multiple test results (combinations of booths and earphones allowed testing from -10 to +20 dB HL) allowed accurate testing across the test frequencies employed in clinical audiology.

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