conductive-mixed hearing loss

conductive-mixed hearing loss

Photo of a woman experiencing vertigo

CASE STUDY INVESTIGATION | When Is Ménière’s Disease Not Ménière’s Disease?

Dizziness is a common complaint, with approximately 35 percent of adults reporting dizziness, with the prevalence increasing dramatically with age (Agrawal, 2009). As the profession of audiology has evolved, so has our understanding of the various disorders that cause imbalance and dizziness. This article will walk you through the case of Sunny Susan (patient’s name changed to protect identity), a woman who I first saw as a balance patient after she had spent over 22 years struggling with recurrent dizziness and progressive hearing loss. 

Topic(s): Dizziness, Balance/Vestibular, Meniere’s Disease (MD), conductive-mixed hearing loss, Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Patient care


Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2018

Rethinking Semicircular Canal Dehiscence

Although posterior and superior canal dehiscence has been associated with vertigo, and/or dizziness, and/or low-frequency conductive hearing loss, often these associations/observations have been made after a symptomatic patient presents and high resolution CT scans are executed. Indeed, atypical CT findings are sometimes reported and consequently, the signs and symptoms which brought the patient in are then attributed to the atypical CT findings (for more information, see Chi et al, 2009; and Rosowski, 2012).

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