culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD)

culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD)

Photographic illustration of diverse group of cut-out paper heads

Serving a Culturally Diverse Pediatric Population

As audiologists continue the much-needed and long-awaited discussion about ways we can improve service provision to a culturally diverse patient population, we have an obligation to include the unique needs of our pediatric patients and their families. This consideration is critical because, if we don’t connect with parents in a way that supports them along their journey, it can disrupt the audiologist-parent relationship that is so crucial to the success of children with hearing loss.

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Illustration of men and women speaking to each other in different languages.

Being Mindful of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Everyday Practice

A culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) patient is one who comes from a home environment where a language other than English is spoken and whose cultural values differ from mainstream culture. According to the Center of Immigration Studies, about one in five U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home (Camarota and Zeigler, 2015). 

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