hard of hearing (HOH)

hard of hearing (HOH)

The Masking Dilemma

In recognition of World Hearing Day, March 3, the Academy’s Health-Care Relations Committee wants to share some helpful information and tips to manage wearing a mask and communicating with patients.

By Katharine A. Williams, Rebecca Henning, Jessica Spratt Novak, Margaret Kettler, Brittany Kyzer, and Emily Venskytis

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Illustration of remote learning of sign language

Working Effectively with Audiology Students Who Are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Tips for Clinical Preceptors

The clinical experience is a key component of education for students enrolled in doctor of audiology (AuD) programs. Throughout a variety of clinical rotations, students learn how to diagnose, treat, counsel, support, and empower patients with hearing loss. To become effective clinicians, students must be able to participate in and experience these rotations to the fullest. 

Topic(s): Education, hard of hearing (HOH)