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SAA SPOTLIGHT | The Meaning of Mentorship: Student-to-Student Mentoring and Ways to Get Involved

As an audiology student, there are numerous opportunities to learn from or serve as a mentor. We may be assigned a faculty advisor to guide us through our academic career. Perhaps, we choose a research mentor to facilitate the completion of an independent research project or capstone. In some audiology programs, administration or Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) Chapters ask their second- or third-year audiology students to serve as “buddies” or “mentors” to incoming first-year AuD students or undergraduates.

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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | Getting to the “Us”

In the current era in which we live, we reap the benefits of easily utilizing social media. One can “virtually” interact effortlessly on various platforms, spanning generations, cultures, geographic areas, and economic bounds. Challenges and joys are shared with friends, colleagues, or acquaintances from distances near and as far away as the other side of the globe. As an academic, there is value in sharing publications, research, and scholarly debates. 

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today January/February 2018

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ACADEMY NEWS | Academy Launches New CEU Opportunity Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

The American Academy of Audiology is excited to launch a new initiative aimed at providing audiologists with a unique way to access continuing education through individualized, experiential learning. Members seeking specific training or experience can earn continuing education units (CEUs) from a peer with access or expertise willing to guide them through an educational experience. In many professions, peer-to-peer mentoring is an acceptable and encouraged practice. Not all skills are learned best in didactic lecture format; some are obtained through hands-on, personalized engagement.

Topic(s): Peer-to-Peer, Mentoring, CEU Continuing Education Unit


Publication Issue: Audiology Today May/June 2018