Calling all Clinical Preceptors: Clinical Education Forum

Clinical preceptors are crucial to the education of future audiologists. The responsibility is rewarding, yet challenging when trying to balance your own clinical obligations. How do we maintain meaningful mentorship even in the sticky situations? Difficult situations regarding professionalism and clinical care inevitably emerge.

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Photo of mentoring in office

KNOW HOW | Do You Want to Be a Mentor?

The changing landscape of hearing health care is causing unrest in our profession. Students and new professionals may feel insecure about job prospects and the future of the field, while more seasoned audiologists may feel powerless to adapt to changes in health-care delivery. 

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Photo of Patricia B. Kricos and her daughters

ACAE CORNER | A Career Devoted to Audiology Education: Remembering Pat Kricos

The first ACAE Corner article was published in the November/December 2011 issue of Audiology Today. As some of you may recall, the American Academy of Audiology Annual Conference that year was held in Chicago, with Richard Roberts serving as program chair.  

The inaugural ACAE Corner column, titled simply “On Accreditation,” was written by Gerald Church, then a professor in, and the director of, the doctor of audiology program at Central Michigan University.  

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Group of women holding up group of signs that read "We Love Our CH-AP"


February is the time of year when thoughts turn to love. Recently whilst perusing the candy and card aisles, the thought occurred to me that love comes in many forms. I love my job. I love helping patients. And I love helping students who will help patients in the future! 

However, it is widely agreed in our profession that there is a lack of formalized preceptor training; leaving preceptors ill-prepared for this important role. This gap in training is the root cause of inconsistencies in the quality of education provided to students. 

Topic(s): American Board of Audiology (ABA), Professional Development, Mentorship


Publication Issue: Audiology Today January/February 2018