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Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

JAAA Latest Fast Track Articles—October 7, 2019

As the JAAA editors along with our editorial team, we are proud to announce new Fast Track content for JAAA, as of October 7, 2019

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Hand Drying and Crying?

Did you see the social media buzz about 13-year-old Nora Louise Keegan who published an article about hand dryers in Pediatrics and Child Health

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JAAA Editorial: The American Academy of Audiology Honors Committee: A Mechanism to Acknowledge Those in Audiology Who Have Gone Above and Beyond in Their Contribution to the Profession

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Volume 30, Number 7,
July/August 2019

Patricia Gaffney, AuD  Chair, Academy Honors Committee
Devin L. McCaslin, PhD 
• Deputy Editor, Journal of the American Academy of Audiology

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Speaking of Fireworks and Summer Sounds

With the Fourth of July just now behind us, we still have plenty of family cookouts, gatherings by the pool or at the beach, and more summer celebration sounds and fireworks ahead. It is usually a good idea to keep the fireworks to the professionals and attend a show in your region applying safe show practices (with hearing protection in hand or rather in ears). 

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A Two-Minute Speech-in-Noise Test: Protocol and Pilot Data

Hearing-care professionals (HCPs) and hearing aid wearers report the chief complaint secondary to hearing loss and to wearing traditional hearing aids, is the inability to understand speech-in-noise (SIN; see Beck et al, 2019). Beck et al (2018) reported that, in addition to the 37 million Americans with audiometric hearing loss, 26 million have hearing difficulty and/or difficulty understanding SIN, despite clinically normal thresholds. As such, helping people hear (i.e., to perceive sound) and helping people listen (i.e., to comprehend, or apply meaning to sound) remains paramount.

Topic(s): speech-in-noise, Hearing, Hearing Loss, Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Noise Reduction, Audiometric Test

A Closer Look at the Trend of Loud Restaurants

Do you need more information to convince your patients why they should avoid going to restaurants during peak hours of business?

This article written by Wagner, architectural writer and graduate student of acoustical studies at the Johns Hopkins University’s Peabody Conservatory, dives into the history of restaurant acoustics and provides insight into why restaurants have become so loud. The trend of loud restaurants is not only harmful to hearing but has also been linked to “unhealthy food choices and excessive alcohol consumption.”

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The Soccer Strategy of Weaponized Sound

Yes, the greatest spectacle of the sporting world, the World Cup of soccer, is underway. We have reported on the pseudo earthquake of ecstasy caused by a Mexican goal against the reigning world champion Germans <link to vibrations of ecstasy. The curtains are yet to fall on the very first stage of the tournament and the past champions are boarding a homebound airplane – stung by a plucky South Korean side that forgot to be intimidated by the biggest names in soccer.

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Vibrations of Ecstacy

Audiologists are all about vibrations. Vibrations in the audible spectrum, and then some even lower frequency, longer wavelength vibrations that the vestibular system is so fond of. Seismologists, interested in detecting earthquakes also live in the world of low-frequency, long-wavelength vibrations. In fact, there is now a global network of detectors, on and listening at all times for seismic activity and documenting earthquakes, small and big alike.

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Pack Your Plugs

It is alright if you missed the royal wedding. Meghan and Harry will understand. But perhaps you would like to visit London over the summer months. Take in the lingering sense of history and festival that just transpired in the form of a royal wedding. Well certainly you will have to plan meticulously for such a trip. 

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Noisy Eating

“Did you just call me a dork?” The evening is over before you can explain that you were just asking for the fork. Increasingly, such is the fate of many a dinner meeting, social or professional. Those seeking good eats are also finding good and loud beats. While no one can deny the importance of ambiance, the hair cells and the cognitive centers having to work extra hard to carry on a conversation while enjoying a meal are beginning to complain. A visit to any of the modern eateries makes clear that the decor of our times does not naturally lead itself to good acoustics.

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