pediatric audiologist

pediatric audiologist

In Memoriam: Dr. Pat Stelmachowicz

Dr. Pat Stelmachowicz, was known for her leadership, vision, and scholarship in audiology research.

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Close-up photo of Kumbuka.

An Encounter with Kumbuka

Sumit (SD): Thank you, Ms. Christine Cook and Dr. Marissa Ramsier, for agreeing to answer a few questions about your recent experience evaluating the gorilla Kumbuka’s hearing and other issues related to primate hearing. Our publication is read primarily by audiologists and others associated with hearing health care. Your expertise and experience will be of great interest to our readers. I am also pleased to report that this conversation about Kumbuka’s evaluation will be accompanied by a web feature about primate hearing in general.

Topic(s): pediatric audiologist, biological anthropologist, Kumbuka, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, gorilla, hearing screening, otoacoustic emmissions, auditory brainstem response (ABR)