Grant Writing Success at AAA 2020

By Nicholas S. Reed, AuD

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Audiology Today November/December 2019…What’s Inside This Issue?

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The editorial team and I are so happy to announce the content for this latest issue of Audiology Today. We are featuring a number of comprehensive, relevant, and interesting articles, as well as some short reads on public relations, coding and reimbursement, and audiology advocacy.

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Volunteering Could Equal Better Well Being

Whether you are feeling excited to get more involved, or glad that your volunteering time has concluded with this year’s convention there is mounting evidence to support that the simple act of volunteering may positively impact your well-being.  A 2016 longitudinal study found that participants who regularly partook in volunteer activities experienced greater mental well-being ratings using the General Health Questionnaire.

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Utilizing Social Media in 2018

Nearly two-thirds of Americans use Facebook as their primary social media platform with three-fourths of those users accessing it daily, according to a recent Pew Research Center report (2018). The top platforms, in order of most activity, include Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The younger demographics regularly accessed multiple platforms on social media. Users aged 18-24-years-old access four platforms and those aged 30-49-years-old users access three platforms on average.

Together We Can Do So Much: A Challenge to All Academy Members

Sarah Sydlowski, Academy Board of Directors

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Does Standing at Work Help Performance?

How much time do you spend sitting every day? Between commuting, working, eating, watching tv, etc., the sedentary hours add up. The negative health effects of long hours of sit time are fairly well known and include chronic disease, and psychological concerns. Seeing a potential market, several companies designed standing workstations, even desks with treadmills attached. While these sit-to-stand desks are trending, is there any evidence to support their use?

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Academy Announces New Editor-in-Chief

The Board of Directors of the American Academy of Audiology (the "Academy") has selected Dave Fabry, PhD, as their new editor-in-chief, effective January 1, 2016. Fabry holds a PhD, MA, and BA from the University of Minnesota. He is the vice president of professional relations at Starkey Hearing Technologies, has co-authored numerous articles and book chapters, and presented at national and international audiology meetings.

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Unscheduled Changes in Audiology, Internet Sales, and Direct Mail: Interview with Kim Cavitt, AuD

Douglas L. Beck, AuD, spoke with Dr. Cavitt about over-the-counter hearing aids, multiple revenue streams, bundling and un-bundling, and more.

Academy: Good morning, Kim. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the January 2014 Illinois Academy of Audiology (IAA) meeting.

Cavitt: Thanks, Doug. The IAA is always a powerful meeting, and I was honored to share my thoughts and ideas with the participants.

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When It Comes to Satisfaction, the Patient Experience Matters

By Gyl A. Kaswurm

A review of recent health-care trends indicates that there is a growing interest in the value of the patient experience and how it affects patient satisfaction. New evidence suggests that moving from providing services to providing experiences may be the next competitive battleground in health care. The newfound attention is emerging in all facets of health care, and even forcing physicians and hospitals to reexamine their traditional practices and provide a greater emphasis on the quality of patient care.

The BEST Way: Reaching Physicians Table of Contents

All of the content on the Reaching Physicians CD is fully customizable and ready for you to use. Documents on the CD are PC and Mac friendly and are available in doc/Word, rich text and PDF formats; slide presentations are available in PowerPoint and PDF only.