Real-ear measures (REM)

Real-ear measures (REM)

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Stop the Madness: Verify Hearing Aid Fittings! Hope for the Future? (Title inspired by Roeser and Clark (2008))

Hearing aid dispensing has been included in the scope of practice of audiologists in the United States since at least 1978, when the Executive Board of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) recommended a change in the Code of Ethics that would permit audiologists to engage in the sale of hearing aids. 

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Real-Ear Measures

Real-ear measures (REM) are recommended in hearing aid fitting. However, reports suggest that only approximately 30 percent of audiologists routinely perform REM. Rationale (or excuses) for not performing REM are numerous, but little peer-reviewed research has been conducted to support or refute the use of REM in regards to benefit in speech understanding and subjective quality of fitting.

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