speech-recognition testing

speech-recognition testing

Academy Letter to Palmetto GBA: CPT 92557 Should Be Covered

The Academy recently wrote to Palmetto GBA, a Medicare Administrative Contractor, to express concerns regarding the Palmetto policy for reimbursement of tests on the same day a vestibular function study is performed.  

Specifically, Palmetto stated that only CPT 92552 (pure-tone audiometry threshold; air only) or CPT 92553 (air and bone) will be covered on the same day as a vestibular function study, but not CPT 92557 (comprehensive audiometry threshold evaluation and speech recognition). We argued that CPT 92557 should be covered.

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Clinical Practice Report Card: Are We Meeting Best-Practice Standards for Adult Hearing Rehabilitation?

Professional introspection is a primary road to growth and surveys of professional practice offer a window to our performance. Development and refinement of clinical protocols and services over the years have enhanced treatment outcomes for millions of individuals with hearing loss. One means of continually improving services is to periodically survey how clinicians practice. 

Topic(s): adult hearing rehabilitation, best-practice standards, Certification, pre-treatment self-assessment measures, pure-tones (PTs), speech-recognition testing, speech-in-noise, uncomfortable listening levels (UCL), verification of hearing aid fitting, probe-microphone verification of hearing aid fittings, Hearing Assistive Technologies (HAT), Personal Sound Amplification PSAP, audiological rehabilitation services, audiology aides, communication partners, communication training, clear speech training, at-home augmentative training