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Applying Science and Research to Clinical Care

The AAA 2022 Program Committee invites clinicians and researchers from around the world to submit an abstract for presentation in St. Louis, Missouri. All abstracts are peer-reviewed in a blind review process. Acceptance of abstracts is based on the content of the submission, available space, and overall program balance.

The call for abstracts in all categories is now closed.

Review the following information before you submit to the categories listed below.

Review Process

Following the submission deadline, the Academy Program Subcommittees complete the online blind review process.

  • Each subcommittee member can see only the title, abstract, and summary of each submission.
  • Reviews are completed and a score for each submission is assigned.
  • Reviewers also have the option to leave a comment.

Once the review process is complete, scores are tallied, and submitters are notified via email by the Academy of acceptance or decline. Deadlines have been set for submissions and decision letters.

If your session is selected, you’ll be able to

  • Review tips and techniques for delivering an amazing presentation.
  • Manage your presentation on an on-going basis.
  • Create and upload handouts for your session.

Any questions on the submission process e-mail us.

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