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The Role of Audiologists with Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

It is the position of the American Academy of Audiology that a primary role of audiologists is to optimize hearing health and communication, including the safe and effective use of OTC hearing aids.

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Drive Awareness for Audiology

Join the Academy in promoting awareness for the audiology profession. Find resources for awareness months and more. 

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Audiologist Performing Hearing Test Reviews Data

Practice Guidelines

The Academy has a full archive of audiology practice guidelines from information regarding pediatric audiology to professional issues.

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Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

You spoke and we listened. Many members expressed interest in developing resources to aid audiologists in supporting patients with culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds.

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Medicare Coverage FAQs

Medicare coverage brings up numerous questions regarding audiology. Find the most commonly asked questions the Academy has received.

Academy Telehealth Guide

As COVID-19 continues to impact individuals across the United States, the Department of Health and Human Services, state and local agencies, and commercial insurance programs are creating new and revised regulations/guidance regarding telehealth payment policies.

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Antitrust Overview

Audiology Solutions Network (ASN) (Resource Directory)

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Audiology Practice Essentials (APE) CD

Direct-to-Consumer Audiology Information Toolkit

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Private Practice Starter List (PDF)

Private Practice Checklist (PDF)

Satisfaction Survey Template (PDF)

Satisfaction Survey Template (MS Word)

Practice Guidelines and Standards

Your practice success is important to the Academy.
Find resources to help your practice and patients here.

Audiology Assistants Position Statement

The audiology assistants position statement defines the roles and functions of audiology assistants within an audiology practice. It provides guidance on the education and training, duties and responsibilities, and the requisite supervision of assistants.

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From best practice guidelines; telehealth resources; and coding, reimbursement, and compliance templates and tools, the Academy has the practice management resources you need.