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The Academy monitors state legislative activities and represents the interests of audiologists on state issues impacting the practice of audiology, including, but not limited to, topics such as the scope of practice, support personnel, multistate licensure compact, and telehealth. 

Federal and State Relations Committee

As part of the Federal and State Relations Committee (FSRC) charges, the committee has a priority to support state-level, Academy-driven advocacy issues, facilitate communication between the state audiology organizations and the Academy, as well as state-to-state communications, and serve as a resource to state audiology organizations. Volunteer members of the Academy serve on the committee to monitor emerging  state policy issues relative to audiology and to inform the Academy’s positioning on such issues. 

State Leaders Network

In an attempt to broaden the reach of state-level efforts, and to strengthen communications across state audiology groups, the Academy launched a quarterly series of meetings to include leaders from state audiology groups across the country. These meetings provide the opportunity for the exchange of ideas relative to legislation, organization management, and other relevant topics. Any state audiology group not currently participating can contact the Advocacy Coordinator.   

The FSRC invites state audiology groups to prepare brief video updates for posting on the Academy web site. As state groups provide videos, the FSRC will post them here for audiologists to access information on their own or other state activities. Any state audiology group interested in submitting a video should contact Kathleen Bishop. The Academy collects information from the state audiology organizations on current initiatives in advocacy and outreach (see here for a sample overview from 2020).

State Action

Keep the Academy apprised of key legislative and regulatory efforts in your state related to audiology.  What is going on in your state may help inform work in another state, or your update can help the Academy identify trends across states. Also, the Academy can help to identify resources and information that may be useful to you and other audiologists to address legislative and regulatory challenges in your state.  Complete the State Action web form whenever you have any updates or requests to submit.

State Licensure

The Academy provides state-specific resources related to the laws governing audiology, assists in fostering dialogue and communication between audiologists in different states regarding specific licensure laws in individual states, and serves as an important source of information where audiologists can find the necessary tools to keep updated on current state licensure laws.

Other Resources

Multistate Licensure Compact

Recent State News (2021)

Recent State News (2020)

Recent State News (2019)

ACAE Recognition

The Academy is providing the following sample letter as a resource for State Academies to advocate for recognition of the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE) in state licensure laws/regulations.

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