Charge Description

  • Make recommendations on the Academy's legislative and regulatory priorities.
  • Identify and analyze federal legislative and regulatory public policy that impact audiology.
  • Initiate and participate in the Academy's public policy/position development process.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Academy's federal advocacy efforts and make recommendations to increase impact.
  • Define activities for a robust national grassroots community to support audiology through the Grassroots Advocacy Network.
  • Develop relationships with members of Congress to gain support for key legislative issues.
  • Provide recommendations for utilization of Political Action Committee (PAC) funds to advance legislative and regulatory priorities.
  • Facilitate communication between the state audiology organizations and the Academy, as well as state-to-state communications.
  • Maintain the State Leader Network as a mechanism to track state-level policy and to disseminate information in support of Academy initiatives such as advocacy, audiology awareness, etc.
  • Serve as a resource to state audiology organizations.
  • Support state-level, Academy-driven advocacy efforts, as appropriate.


  • Jennifer Bobo, AuD
  • Jessica Minnick, AuD
  • Blythe Kitner, AuD
  • Kristi Oeding, AuD
  • Kathryn Roberts, AuD
  • Tina Stern, AuD
  • Brianna Smyth, AuD
  • Kathy Dowd, AuD
  • Ashley Earp, AuD


The work of the Federal and State Relations Committee is overseen by the Advocacy Council.


PAC Advisory Board

How to Apply

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