Research is the vital link between audiology's present and its still-to-be-discovered future.

The Academy is proud to support research efforts through scholarships, grants, awards, and through the Academy Research Conference (ARC), which are supported by the American Academy of Audiology Foundation and other sponsors.

The Academy also helps to link researchers with key grant resources and other information that supports their research work.

View the Academy’s Research Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Policy here.

Scholarship and Award Opportunities

The Academy and American Academy of Audiology Foundation are committed to supporting doctoral students as they continue their academic career learning exceptional clinical skills and exploring contemporary avenues of research that will advance the treatment of people with hearing and balance problems. Support is provided through scholarships and awards, which are funded by corporate, industry, and individual donors who support hearing and balance wellness.

Grant Opportunities

Music and Hearing Research Grant Program

The American Academy of Audiology offers the Music and Hearing Research Grant Program. The purpose of this program is to support research that will shape best practices in audiology to benefit musicians and others in the music industry. Funded by the American Academy of Audiology Foundation and the generous funding of Dr. Michael Santucci, this program complements the Academy’s clinical consensus document Audiological Services for Musicians and Music Industry Personnel.

Awards of up to $10,000 will be made. Applications closed July 29.

Research Grants in Hearing and Balance

The American Academy of Audiology is pleased to support research by new investigators and scientists through the general Research Grants in Hearing and Balance Program. This program is generously supported by the American Academy of Audiology Foundation. The development of this research grants program underscores the commitment of the Academy and the American Academy of Audiology Foundation to the promotion of research among audiologists. This program provides a means for encouraging research as part of a student's training program and for the development of new scientists within our profession.

The 2023 grant applications are now closed.

Congratulations to the Recipients

Other Funding Opportunities