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Welcome to the new professionals section of the American Academy of Audiology website. This section is curated with resources and information catered to audiologists within the first five years of practice. Make sure to renew your membership or join the American Academy of Audiology to ensure your access to all member benefits and opportunities. If you are interested in serving the Academy you can view current opportunities as well as apply to the Academy Volunteer Reserve to be considered for future opportunities. You are the future of audiology and the Academy is invested in supporting our professionals to have fulfilling and balanced careers.

The New Professionals Committee is hard at work and open to any suggestions, ideas, questions! Do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.

Samantha Ramirez, AuD
New Professionals Committee Chair

Job Search Information

We understand that being a new professional is an odd time, and that job searching certainly adds to the stress. Luckily, the Academy has many resources available to help you with your job search, including a Resume Review service and listings of current job opportunities on HEARCareers. Additionally, past Compensation and Benefits surveys can help you as you prepare for salary and benefit negotiations.

Licensure, Certification, and CEUs

Licensure and Certification

Licensure and certification can be very confusing, particularly when you’ve just graduated and are navigating a career search, obtaining your license, and deciding whether or not to pursue certification all at the same time!

The distinction between licensure and certification is subtle but important. According to the American Board of Audiology, certification is “generally voluntary and is not required to practice a profession. Rather, it is a self-governing standard that serves to inform consumers, peers, and other health care professionals of the scope of practice and training of the certificate holder.” In other words, certification should not be required to practice, though it is worth noting that some employers and/or states do require certification. Several audiology organizations offer different forms of certification.

In contrast, licensure “represents a government process by which a state or federal agency grants an individual permission to practice a profession and constitutes the legal right to practice that profession within the state.” In other words, licensure is granted to you by your state and not an organization like the American Academy of Audiology.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Units (CEUs), related to both licensure and certification, can also be confusing for a first-timer. In general, CEUs are an avenue through which audiologists keep up with current research, technology and best practice models. Most licensing bodies require CEUs, and some certifying bodies require CEUs. The number of CEUs you must obtain and the interval over which you must obtain them depends on the individual requirements of each organization. More information about CEUs, including how to report them, can be found below.

Academy Membership

Membership with the Academy has its perks! From discounted dues rates for the first two years after earning your graduate degree to networking opportunities with colleagues and luminaries in the profession, the benefits of maintaining your membership as a New Professional is considerable. Check out the full list of member benefits for professionals, how to apply if you’re not a member, pricing for recent graduates, and how to access the New Professionals Community.

*The Academy does not require CEUs to maintain membership.

Other Resources

Below are links to various Academy resources you may find helpful as you begin exploring the profession of audiology. Find out more about the Academy, its roots, and its current goals or refer to Academy Guidelines/Standards when addressing topics regarding scope of practice and/or practice guidelines. Whatever the need, the Academy has the resources and tools to aid New Professionals in almost every situation.

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