Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid Resources

The Academy has prepared over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid resources for audiologists to use in their practice and share with their patients such as frequently asked questions, responses, webinars, and legislative information.

Music and Hearing Research Grant: Apply Now!

Awards of up to $10,000 will be made. The grant program is open to all audiologist investigators, including student investigators. Apply by July 29.

Impact Audiology: Donate to Your Foundation

The Foundation and the Academy leadership are excited about future opportunities for researchers, students, and the audiology profession as a whole. You can be a part of this by making a donation to the Foundation, supporting research, education, and public awareness.

Microaggressions and Cultural Humility: June 27 FREE Web Seminar

Join the Discussion: the second part of a four part series, these sessions aim to give voice to real experiences while offering practical tools and strategies within each discussion to help move the profession holistically toward committing to cultural humility in practice.


Latest News

Find current information regarding hearing and balance health care and how the Academy is supporting you.

COVID-19 State Telehealth and Licensure Expansion Dashboard (TierneyMJ/shutterstock.com)

COVID-19 State Telehealth and Licensure Expansion Dashboard

The Alliance for Connected Care has updated its COVID-19 State Telehealth and Licensure Expansion Dashboard, which tracks state-by-state…

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Update on State Mask Mandates and Emergency Orders (Emily Geraghty/shutterstock.com)

Update on State Mask Mandates and Emergency Orders

National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) has updated its map and chart that describes each state’s latest…

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Education and Events

From continuing education opportunities to grants and scholarships, the Academy is here to support you.

  • Join the Discussion on June 27: Moving from Microaggressions to Cultural Humility – A Critical Discussion for Audiology – Student Considerations

Audiology Today

Audiology Today is a bimonthly magazine that provides comprehensive reporting on topics relevant to audiology.

AT344-Main_Images-F1-min(PROKOPEVA IRINA/Shutterstock.com and S. Chanesman)

Clinical Auditory Profiling: Divide and Conquer

For years, several approaches attempted to disentangle the physiological and perceptual consequences of different hearing loss etiologies (Johannesen…

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AT344-Main_Images-F2-min(Monkey Business Images/shutterstock.com)

Advent of Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: How to Be Prepared

This article provides an overview of available resources to support you as well as your current and future…

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OPINION EDITORIAL | Should AuD Programs Increase Business Education Opportunities?

While serving on jury duty, I had lunch with a fellow juror. I mentioned we enjoyed cooking, and…

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Academy Enterprise

The Academy Enterprise includes the following groups who work to support the overall Academy in the areas of accreditation, philanthropy, voluntary certification, advocacy, and support and education of audiology students.