AAA 2024: Keynote Announced—Dr. Verghese

Abraham Verghese, MD, MACP, a best-selling novelist and renowned speaker, will grace our main stage with his talk, 'A Doctor’s Touch.' This year's Opening General Session promises to be a must-attend event that will transform the way you approach patient relationships and elevate your practice.

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Atlanta awaits...employers who are registered for AAA 2024 are eligible to receive 20 percent off one Academy job posting. This offer ends March 31. Contact us for more information.

Students: Apply for a Foundation Scholarship Today!

The AAA Foundation is offering six scholarship opportunities with awards up to $10,000. Apply online by April 30 with our new online universal application.

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Apply for the Student Investigator Research Grant (Vestibular Focus) ($5,000): Due March 15.


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NASEM Committee to Examine Meaningful Outcome Measures in Adult Hearing Health Care

An ad-hoc committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) will examine the state of the…

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Get Ready for the HearTECH Expo

Explore the latest technology in the field, connect with peers at engaging events, meet with representatives of our…

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Audiology Today

Audiology Today is a bimonthly magazine that provides comprehensive reporting on topics relevant to audiology.

ONLINE FEATURE | ACEN: Not Right Here, Right Now | Opinion Editorial (Stmool/

ONLINE FEATURE | ACEN: Not Right Here, Right Now | Opinion Editorial

The job and externship market is constantly changing. As a student looking for an externship or a new or seasoned professional looking for a job opportunity, it can be challenging. The Academy is here for you!

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Do Audiologists React Well to Change?(Gajus/ and Suzanne Chanesman)

Do Audiologists React Well to Change?

A recent study of audiologists indicated that participants perceive audiologists, overall, to be highly resistant to change. A follow-up survey found that audiologists were neither especially resistant nor especially accepting of change, that change resistance is similar across health professions, and that changes in audiology tend to occur slowly over time.

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Sex Hormones and Central Auditory Processing

Sex Hormones and Central Auditory Processing

Given the bottom-up influence of the peripheral auditory system on central auditory processing, a very brief introduction on the sex hormones and the peripheral system is provided, but the majority of the article focuses on the influence of the sex hormones on the central auditory nervous system in terms of what we know, the clinical implications, and future considerations.

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The Academy Enterprise includes the following groups who work to support the overall Academy in the areas of accreditation, philanthropy, voluntary certification, advocacy, and support and education of audiology students.