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Thank you to all who voted and made their voice heard, your involvement is an important part of making the Academy you want to see. The Academy is pleased to announce three new members-at-large and the incoming president-elect. All terms will begin on October 1.

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Audiologists Know About Noise, In Every Color

We know that background noise consists mostly of low-frequency sounds. We know that if noise is too loud,…

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Telehealth female doctor and female patient.

Telehealth HIPAA Compliance Flexibilities Extended as the Public Health Emergency Ends

During the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), many federal telehealth rules were made flexible to accommodate the need…

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Audiology Today

Audiology Today is a bimonthly magazine that provides comprehensive reporting on topics relevant to audiology.

Joining Pharmacists on the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Journey (charactervectorart/ and S. Chanesman)

Joining Pharmacists on the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Journey

Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid legislation and sales have grabbed the attention of audiologists, pharmacists, and consumers over the past few years. Community pharmacists are now interested in contributing to OTC hearing help, in the same way they offer support for safe and effective use of other OTC medications and devices intended for self-care. This article suggests models for collaborative working relationships between audiologists and pharmacists.

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Maximum Conductive Hearing Loss—Revisited

Maximum Conductive Hearing Loss—Revisited

It is the aim of this article to disabuse audiologists and otolaryngologists of the idea that a conductive hearing loss cannot be greater than 60 dB. The article demonstrates that air-bone gaps are both transducer specific and frequency specific and can feasibly be upward of 105 dB.

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Promoting Healthy Aging in the Audiology Clinic (Monkey Business Images/

Promoting Healthy Aging in the Audiology Clinic

People age much differently today compared with previous generations. Known as the healthy aging movement, its focus is on preventive care, health, and wellness. This is an opportunity for audiologists to broaden their appeal to individuals who may not wear hearing aids or even have hearing loss. As this article illustrates, there are several possible strategies that can be used by audiologists to create value for this large group of individuals.

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