In addition to being your HOME for Audiology, the Academy offers numerous benefits including access to member-protected areas of the websites, exclusive member resources, discounts on Academy products and education and affinity programs. 

Use the benefits calculator below to see how much you save with Academy membership. Member savings for items such as event registration and certification may differ based on membership type.

Improve Your Skill Set

You want to further your knowledge and stay up to date on the latest advancements in the field.

We provide educational conferences with excellent sessions and networking opportunities.



AAA 2021 Virtual

Receive discounted rates to attend our annual conference offering educational sessions on audiology topics, the latest research and an exhibit hall filled with products and services.

Academy Research Conference

Receive discounted rates to attend this one day research conference held at AAA 2020 + HearTECH Expo.

Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology Conference (JFLAC)

Part of our mission is to develop a vibrant new generation of Academy leaders. This conference is focused on those members with six to 15 years in the field.


Our online CEU resource provides opportunities to learn at your convenience. Purchase an eAudiology unlimited on-demand package for $99—get access to any (or all) seminars in the library.

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Advance Your Career

You want to further your knowledge and enhance your career potential.

We provide the tools for you to sharpen your expertise through professional development opportunities and quality jobs from top hiring companies in the industry.


Manage Your Business

You want practical solutions, practice management resources, and discounts from quality business providers.

We have services, educational materials, and online forums where you can engage, ask questions, and get the information you need to make viable business decisions.

Educational Audiology Hearing Exam

Enhance Your Profession With:

  • Fellow logo - Use on your Web site, stationery and business cards.
  • Framing - Frame your degree or Fellow certificate for personal recognition.
  • Resume Review Service - Receive valuable feedback on your resume before applying for jobs.
  • Mailing List Rental - Promote your next event with Academy members.

Connect and Engage

You want to connect with your colleagues and peers to exchange opinions, ideas, and best practices.

We provide multiple ways to dialogue with the hearing health-care world, as well as opportunities to give back to the profession through growth and leadership roles.


Stay Informed

You want to market your services, promote your capabilities, and maintain the financial health of your business.

We help you find success in the hearing health-care community and provide excellent patient care.

Cochlear Implant Child

Access the Essentials

Use your Academy membership to access resources and potentially receive discounts on services like auto insurance and health insurance


Gain a Voice

You want an influential voice and representation with government and regulatory entities.

We educate elected officials and tackle big issues that no one else can or will such as policies on hearing health, patient-centered health care delivery, and payment reform.


Make an Impact

You want to increase consumer awareness of audiology and the importance of hearing protection.

We provide patient-friendly content and help consumers find you.

Academy Topic Presenter