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The May/June 2021 issue of Audiology Today has been released. Enjoy the most recent issue!


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ONLINE FEATURE | Things You Cannot Learn in School

Becoming an audiologist takes more than a degree; it takes experience, practice, and a willingness to learn. School was a great place to start that evolution, but it should not stop there. The things I have learned over the past several years could not have been taught in school.

Continuous line illustration of an isolated ear and brain

ONLINE FEATURE | A Review of the Academy Research Conference (ARC) 2021: Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

The American Academy of Audiology and the 2021 Academy Research Conference organizers wish to express their sincere gratitude to all of the speakers for sharing their expertise and time. Their outstanding presentations made the 2021 ARC a resounding success. Below, please find summaries of each of the conference presentations.

Close-up photo of audiologist on laptop with the AAA21 Virtual conference website on the screen

ONLINE FEATURE | First-Ever All-Digital Event Designed with Audiologists in Mind: AAA 2021 Virtual

In keeping with the theme, “All Audiology, All Digital” the Academy launched its first-ever all-virtual conference, AAA 2021 Virtual, held April 14–16.

Illustration of group of diverse people with large cell phone, social media, and audiology during pandemic

ONLINE FEATURE | Healthy Hearing Outreach During COVID-19

When COVID-19 swept across the world, in-person events stopped and opportunities for healthy hearing outreach shifted to a new platform—online. This article discusses how The University of Iowa’s healthy hearing outreach program adapted during the pandemic. We will share some of our best practices and benefits for online outreach for now and in the future

Photo of Angela Shoup

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE | Create a Space for Safe Dialogue

We can model our discussions on civil discourse to create a space for safe dialogue. As a member of this professional community and with a focus on building a shared future, I commit to celebrating the fact that there are multiple viewpoints, honoring and respecting those with the courage and conviction to introduce divergent ideas, and recognizing that, as a group, we make better decisions based on diverse perspectives.

Diverse illustration of health safety precautions

Infection-Control Hindsight from 2020: Lessons Learned from COVID-19

As audiology prepares for a new normal, here are a few key infection-control lessons learned in the past year.

Photographic illustration of line of diverse audiologists crossing a drawn cliff and 2 people shaking hands on the opposite side

Exploring the Interdisciplinary Relationship Between Otolaryngology and Audiology

Successful symbiotic relationships between audiologists and otolaryngologists rely on the realization that we are two clinicians working on the same team. The respect between the two professions is fostered in the way we communicate, elevate, and educate each other and the future generation of providers.

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New Sources of Revenue for the Audiology Practice

The pandemic has created unique challenges that extend into the private audiology practice. In this article, we explore practical ways that clinics are building new revenue streams, including more efficient processes with audiology assistants, cognitive screenings, and partnering with third-party administrators.

Infographic About Industry Statistics

ON TREND | The Pandemic’s Impact on Clinics—Some Datapoints

Sycle looked at anonymized data from March 2020 to January 2021, compared to the same timeframe the previous year.

Diagram of Auditory Neuropathy in Children

ON TREND | A Free Genetic Test Opens Doors for Children with Auditory Neuropathy

The most common genetic cause of auditory neuropathy is insufficient production of a protein called otoferlin, which is expressed in cochlear inner hair cells and enables communication with the auditory nerve.

Abstract illustration of collaboration

Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology: Interprofessional Partners

The disciplines of audiology and speech-language pathology are naturally aligned. We work in similar settings and with similar populations, often with the goal of similar functional outcomes. The importance of audiologists and speech-language pathologists’ interprofessional practice is therefore an essential element of person-centered care.


Helping Patients Improve Their Quality of Life as They Face Death

We must recognize that there are gray areas in our discussions with patients that may present a challenge to professional boundaries, rather than a breach of those boundaries.