The Journal of the American Academy of Audiology (JAAA) is the Academy's scholarly peer-reviewed publication, issued 10 times a year and available online at no cost to Academy members as a benefit of membership. The journal publishes articles and clinical reports in all areas of audiology, including audiological assessment, amplification, aural habilitation and rehabilitation, auditory electrophysiology, vestibular assessment, and hearing science.

Cover page of the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology

Two Ways to Read JAAA


The online edition of the journal, published and hosted by Thieme Medical Publishers, is provided in an enhanced format to help readers quickly locate the research they need. Full-text articles are available in both HTML and PDF versions.

In Print

The 2024 edition of JAAA will be available to Academy members in a print edition at no cost, however a subscription is required. Members can order a print subscription on their membership renewal form or on their member dashboard.

Access JAAA Online

Academy members logged in to audiology.org with their membership credentials can reach the JAAA online portal by clicking on the Access JAAA Online button below.

The JAAA portal provides access to JAAA issues from 2022 through 1999, as well as manuscripts that have been accepted for publication, prior to copyediting and typesetting (if authors request this option), and eFirst articles (articles published online prior to issue compilation).

If you are an Academy member and do not see the Access JAAA Online button appearing below this paragraph, select Member Login at the top of this web page and log in to the Academy website with your membership credentials. After you are logged in, the Access JAAA Online button will appear below this paragraph.

If you would like to access JAAA articles published between 1990 and 1998, contact the JAAA Editor.

The Journal Launches A New Publishing Model In 2024

The Journal of the American Academy of Audiology has been published by Thieme Medical Publishers and produced with the help of publishing partners located throughout the world since April 2020. The publishing contract with Thieme ends in December 2024. A new publishing model will be launched during the summer/early fall of 2024.

With the publishing model in place since 2020, the journal experienced publication delays related to the required reformatting of all existing JAAA content, all content already in production, and all new content entering the production stream.

We sincerely apologize for the delays in publication. We are working with the publisher to ensure content is published as soon as possible until our agreement ends.

In the summer/early fall of 2024, the Academy will launch a new publishing model with dedicated resources and a steadfast commitment to Academy members and journal subscribers. The new model will include an updated publication process supported by comprehensive peer-review expertise and the timely and steady e-first publication of scholarly articles.

CEU Questions Now Available

CEU questions are now available on eAudiology for the following JAAA issues for 2022: JAAA 33.2, 33.3, 33.4, 33.5 (two sets of questions are included in this issue) and 33.6.

JAAA Issues Now Available

The next issue of the journal scheduled to publish is JAAA Volume 33, Issue 7/8.

Many JAAA articles are initially published online when they are accepted for publication, in the format provided by the author/s. These articles appear under the Accepted Manuscripts tab in the JAAA online portal.

After articles are copyedited and typeset, they appear under the eFirst tab in the JAAA online portal. And, after articles are published in a compiled issue, they can be found under the Issue tab in the JAAA portal.

Submission and Review Information

The Academy welcomes submissions to the journal from members and from nonmembers. We also welcome applications from peer reviewers.

To submit an application to become a reviewer, email our editorial office.