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It has been documented that many physicians and other adjunct health-care professionals typically decide to pursue a career in health care during their high school education or younger. Many of you most likely made your decision to pursue a career in audiology during your undergraduate education or later. As the profession of audiology continues to grow, a need exists to attract talented students with an interest in sound, balance, and the hearing sciences at a young age.

The following pages provide tools for you to locate opportunities in your community, contact your state academy, and more.

Career Fairs/Careers Days

Each of you can do your part to encourage recruitment at the middle and high school levels by presenting at a local school’s career day/fair.
The following are tools for you to use in finding and contacting a school in your area.

Get Started

  • Locate a middle or high school in your area that you would like to visit for career day/fair.
  • If you don’t know of a school, visit this website to locate a school district in your area.
  • Contact your chosen school to learn when they have their career fair/day and what you need to do to get involved.

It’s that easy!

At the Career Fair

The following tools are available for you to download and use to promote audiology as a career:

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