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CEUs for Members

How Does the CE Registry Work for You?

  • Stores and organizes all reported CEU activities from Academy approved CE providers.
  • Provides a transcript service—accessing all your CEUs.
  • Ensures quality programs offered by the Academy and more than 100 Academy-approved CE Providers.
  • Transcripts meet most state licensure regulatory requirements.
  • Indicates ABA Tier 1 hours earned.

Click here to access your transcript. Please note, recent CEUs may not appear on your transcript due to the time it takes to process the CEUs.

Note: There is no CEU requirement to maintain Academy membership.

Academy ID Requirement

For your CEUs to be recorded to the Academy’s registry, you must provide your member ID to the Academy for Academy courses and to CE Providers offering Academy approved courses. To get your Academy ID, click on “For Members” on the top left of this page then select “Trouble logging in.”

Expired members can continue to provide their ID for CEUs to be recorded and pay the CE Registry fee.

Not a member? Join the Academy and receive the CE Registry along with other great benefits!

Online CEU Viewing

Academy members can view all their CEUs from their member dashboard page. This feature allows you to easily search by date range.

Online Transcript Printing

Academy members are able to print transcripts of the CEU activities for any period of time. To access these features online:

  1. Login to the member dashboard
  2. Scroll down to “Official Academy CEU Transcripts”
  3. Select “View Transcript”
  4. Adjust by year, certification period or download the entire transcript.

If you need a transcript mailed from the Academy, you may request one by using the Transcript Request Form.

Members attending the AAA Annual Conference will be able to print their AAA transcript during CEU Manager availability or after the conference.

CEU Restrictions

CEUs from courses with similar titles or subject matter offered by the same CE provider may only be earned once within a transcript year period. Duplicate courses may be removed from the Academy’s official transcript. This includes topics with multi-hour offerings—e.g., “Coding” for 2 hours and “Coding” for 5 hours. In this case, “Coding” for 2 hours would be removed.

CE Broker (Used in Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina)

The Academy will only submit Academy courses to a CE broker upon request of the member. You need to be a current Academy member and to e-mail us your state license number. For Academy approved courses offered by a third party (CE Providers) there is a $10/course fee.

Calculating the Number of CEUs

To interpret the CEUs you receive, please refer to common CEUs equivalencies below.

  • One hour of instruction is equivalent to 0.1 CEUs
  • Thirty minutes of instruction is equivalent to 0.05 CEUs
  • Two and a half hours of instruction is equivalent to 0.25 CEUs
  • Ten hours of instruction is equivalent to 1.0 CEUs

CEUs for Non-Members

Non-members may join the annual CE Registry. The fee for non-members is $60 per calendar year. The participant needs to download and complete the CE Registry Form, and send it to the Academy. The participant will then receive an ID number that can be used to record their CEUs and receive a transcript in January for the previous calendar year upon request.

Non-members attending the AAA Annual Conference will be able to receive a transcript copy of their CEUs upon request at no charge.

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