Here at the American Academy of Audiology, We LOVE Our Volunteers!

Volunteers are integral to the Academy's success. Our goal is to capture all of our volunteer opportunities and establish a simple process for engaging volunteers. The ideal life cycle of a volunteer starts with small tasks and virtual participation, working all the way up to committee and leadership positions.

The Volunteer Program

Volunteer opportunities are updated on an ongoing basis with most committee and subcommittee work beginning on October 1 of each year. Before you apply, review the description and charge(s) off all Councils, Committees, Subcommittees to discover which opportunity interests you most.

Task force, working group, and micro-volunteer opportunities are offered on an as needed basis with varying timelines throughout the year and are for three-year terms unless otherwise indicated.

Download and stay up-to-date with our call for volunteers schedule when opportunities are announced and accepting applications.

How to Apply

If you are interested in volunteering with the Academy, please select the link below to the opportunity you are interested in, and fill out completely the corresponding application.

Please note that the application will ask for your contact information, which is confidential and will only be used to contact you with questions about your application or to notify you of an appointment. You will also be required to enter your Academy ID number in the application. Don't know your Academy ID? Click here or email for assistance.

Volunteer FAQs

Have a question that was not answered here?

Contact for more information or assistance.

Level of Service

The American Academy of Audiology's organizational structure integrates the partners across the Academy and aligns the work of the organization. The structure includes councils, which brings an additional layer in the governance of the organization: Leadership, Academic and Professional Standards, Professional Development, Scientific Advisory and Research, Advocacy, and Outreach. The many committees and task forces that do much of the work of the organization report to the councils or, in some instances, directly to the Academy Board of Directors. A comprehensive list of the councils and committees is available to provide further detail on how they function within the governance structure as well as a visual representation of the councils, committees, and task forces.

Already a Volunteer

Access Your Committee or Task Force on the Audiology Community. If you are part of a committee and/or task force and do not have a committee site, contact your staff liaison for more information.