Charge Description

  • Review submissions for Learning Modules and Mini Modules for the annual conference.


  • Marwa Abdrabbou, PhD
  • Jodi Baxter, AuD
  • Leslie Cody, AuD
  • Kristen Edenfield, AuD
  • Shannon Frugia, AuD
  • Patricia Gaffney, AuD
  • Caitlin Gerhards, AuD
  • Andrea Green, AuD
  • Anastasia Grindle, AuD
  • Caitlin Holliday, AuD
  • Alison Kemph Morrison, AuD
  • Kaitlyn Kennedy, AuD
  • Myles Kessler, AuD
  • Dawn Koncsol, AuD
  • Reena Kothari, AuD
  • Danielle Leisner, AuD
  • Dana Libman, AuD
  • Keeley Moore, AuD
  • Kristi Oeding, AuD
  • Joy Peterson, AuD
  • Maria Pomponio, AuD
  • Aaron Roman, AuD
  • Vienet Romero, AuD
  • Tricia Scaglione, AuD
  • Derek Stiles, PhD
  • Caroline Swayne, AuD
  • Michelle Tejada, AuD
  • Monika Tiido, AuD
  • Therese Walden, AuD
  • Devon Weist, AuD
  • Lindsey Wheeler, AuD

How to Apply

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