The State Relations Committee (SRC) of the American Academy of Audiology reconceptualized the previously-branded annual State Fair into the new State Showcase that had been ready to launch at AAA 2020 in New Orleans. In addition to the networking opportunities, the Showcase was to include panels of representatives from state audiology groups presenting highlights of state-level advocacy and outreach efforts. The SRC intended these panel presentations to stimulate discussion among attendees to identify common priorities and to share strategies for policy advocacy.

To identify topics for the panels in the State Showcase and to solicit participation by state representatives, the SRC circulated to state groups a questionnaire in early 2020. This document reflects a compilation of the returned state questionnaires. Although this information is now several months old and the status of specific bills or priorities referenced may have changed, the SRC believes that it is still important to make this information available to the broader audience to highlight the range of advocacy and outreach efforts undertaken by our state colleagues.

The following pages include state profile information provided through the SRC-generated questionnaire. While seeking updates on all key initiatives within the state group, the SRC asked about the status of activities related to several key issues known to be common across multiple states: State hearing health insurance mandates, state scope of practice, the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact (ASLP-IC), LEAD-K legislation, reimbursement-related issues, and public outreach/awareness. Information on the profile forms is organized by these topic areas and other initiatives.

The SRC is asking state groups to provide video updates on initiatives, and the intention is to add these updates regularly on the web site to accompany the profile forms. The SRC will ask state groups to complete the state profile annually. As well, plans are underway for virtual and in-person State Showcase activities for 2021.

State Profiles