Sessions and events are designed to provide attendees with a range of opportunities, including scientific enrichment, career development, and professional networking.

Enjoy sessions, hands-on opportunities, and special events for all career stages. Define your strategy for success, use the conference planner (coming in January) to build a personalized plan, save your list of sessions and events, then share it with colleagues and other attendees.

Below, find the line-up of Featured Session and Grand Ground presentations as well as Wednesday-only Learning Labs.

Learning Labs ($)

Wednesday-only, in-depth, cutting-edge information on hot topic areas designed to be interactive, these learning labs will offer you hands-on exercises with appropriate clinical practices.

Presented by leaders in the field of audiology and/or associated professions. These sessions are at an additional cost to your conference registration.

Learning Lab Topics

Audiologists should be well versed in cerumen removal, particularly as the entry point for vestibular/hearing health care. As autonomous practitioners, managing cerumen is a crucial skill. This two-part didactic and hands-on workshop will provide the foundation/knowledge needed to become competent in cerumen management. This lab will cover the anatomy/physiology of the ear canal, cerumen properties, technical aspects of removal, managing incidents, infection control, state regulations, and billing. The second portion includes a demonstration of removal techniques/equipment and ends with hands-on experience.

Featured Sessions and Grand Rounds

These two-hour sessions are contemporary topics presented by leaders in the field of audiology, hearing science, and related professional areas. The Program Committee invites presenters for these sessions based on their expertise in given topic areas.

Specific dates and times will be forthcoming, as the overall program schedule is finalized.

Bias, Equity, and Early Childhood Development
Marion Downs Lecture in Pediatric Audiology

Sponsored by Oticon Foundation
Presented by Arie Nettles, PhD

Coverage: An Integral Component of the Reimbursement Equation

Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials and Their Practical Use in Pediatric Practice
Presented by Stephanie Browning, AuD, and Elizabeth Grimm, AuD

Current Ethical Considerations in Audiology
Presented by Victor Bray, PhD; Melissa Ferrello, AuD; Lindsey Jorgenson, AuD, PhD; Joseph Montano, EdD

Electric Acoustic Stimulation/Hybrid Cochlear Implant Candidacy, Programming, and Outcomes
Lead Presenter Rene Gifford, PhD; Craig Buchman, MD; Camille Dunn, PhD; and
Jillian Roberts, AuD

Grand Rounds: Adults

Grand Rounds: Amplification
Presented by Devon Weist, AuD

Grand Rounds: Cochlear Implants
Presented by Chelsea Conrad, AuD

Grand Rounds: Pediatrics
Presented by Andrea Green, AuD

Grand Rounds: Vestibular
Presented by Hui Shing Andy Lau, AuD

Hearing Aids in Review: 2021
Presented by Ryan McCreery, PhD; M. Gustav Mueller, PhD; and Catherine Palmer, PhD

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury—State of the Science (Vestibular, Auditory Processing Disorder, and Interprofessional)

Organizational Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
Presented by James Farmer, Global Senior Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Nike; and former Adjunct Faculty, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Cornell University

Pharmacology and Clinical Relevance
Presented by Tracy Offerdahl, BPharm, PharmD

Viruses, Immunity, and the Brain: How COVID-19 Changed Almost Everything
Presented by Glenn Rall, PhD