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2023 Award Winners

User Volume Control Differences Across Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Category: Amplification and Assistive Devices (AAD)

Lead Presenter: Erica Eng, AuD

Supervising Audiologist: Greta Stamper, AuD, PhD

Otoacoustic Emission Testing via a Smartphone

Category: Research

Lead Presenter: Justin Chan

Supervising Audiologist: Randall Bly

Intensity Increment Detection in Chinchillas with Selective-Induced Inner Hair Cell Loss

Category: Research

Lead Presenter: Julia Bitar

Supervising Audiologist: Edward Lobarinas, PhD

Age-Related Changes in sTFS Cues and Their Relationship to Multi-Talker Speech Intelligibility

Category: Electro/physiology

Lead Presenter: Kimberly Yurasits

Supervising Audiologist: Catherine Palmer, PhD

Comparison of Functional Balance Results Between Dizzy Adolescents Diagnosed with Anxiety and Those Without Diagnosed Anxiety

Category: Vestibular

Lead Presenter: Julie Hilvert

Supervising Audiologist: Katheryn Bachmann

Exploring the Pathology of Sensorineural Hearing Loss from Methadone Treatment in Mice

Category: Research

Lead Presenter: Breanna Langenek, BA

Supervising Audiologist: Eric C. Bielefeld, PhD

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