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2021 James Jerger Award for Excellence in Student Research

Balance Function: A Potential Early Indicator of Mild Cognitive Impairment

Category: Vestibular
Lead Presenter: Karen Bell, AuD, PhD
Supervising Audiologist: Jennifer J. Lister, PhD

Effects of Selective Inner Hair Cell Loss on Suprathreshold Auditory Brainstem Response Amplitudes

Category: Research
Lead Presenter: Celia Escabi, AuD, MS
Supervising Audiologist: Edward Lobarinas, PhD

Evaluation of Factors Affecting Audiologists Perception of Professional Autonomy

Category: Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues
Lead Presenter: Lily Rollins
Supervising Audiologist: Carol Cokely, PhD

Library of Visual Reinforcers Designed for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Category: Pediatrics
Lead Presenter: Amanda Hemann, BA
Supervising Audiologist: Angela Yarnell Bonino, PhD

Personality and Acceptable Noise Levels: What’s the Connection?

Category:(Re)habilitation and Counseling
Lead Presenter: Erin Westbrook
Presenter: Aurora Weaver, AuD, PhD
Supervising Audiologist: Alisha L. Jones, AuD, PhD

Sound-Level Monitoring Earphones with Smartphone Feedback as an Intervention

Category: Hearing Loss Prevention
Lead Presenter: Megan Knoetze, BA, MA
Presenter: Vinaya Manchaiah, PhD, AuD, MBA
Supervising Audiologist: De Wet Swanepoel, PhD

Spectral Changes in the Brain After Hearing Aid Use

Category: Research
Lead Presenter: Carly Schimmel, BA
Supervising Audiologist: Anu Sharma, PhD

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