The PASC program is a two-part process in which you must complete an application to demonstrate your eligibility and achieve a passing score on an exam required to attain the credential.

The ABA processes applications in the order in which they are received. If all required documentation is received in a timely manner, the application review process currently takes less than one week. You will receive an e-mail acknowledgment of your application submittal with instructions for how to submit any additional required information.

Beginning spring 2022, the PASC Exam will be administered online with live-remote proctoring within a two-week testing window determined by the ABA. After registering for an exam through the ABA, each candidate will schedule their own testing time through the remote proctoring platform.

Read more in this Audiology Today article (Nov/Dec 2019) where certificants discuss the importance of the PASC and their motivation for pursuing this credential.


Am I Eligible for Certification?

Eligibility Checklist for Pediatric Audiology Specialty Certification

  • You must have a current, valid license to practice audiology
  • You must have a master’s or doctoral degree in audiology granted from a regionally accredited institution
  • You must have a minimum of 2,000 hours of post-degree, paid professional experience as an audiologist within a two (2) year period (Externship hours are ineligible)
  • You must have completed a total of 550 pediatric patient post-graduate contact hours and 50 post-graduate hours of case management of pediatric cases over two (2) consecutive years during the past five (5) years (Externship hours are ineligible)
  • You must submit two (2) professional references attesting to your work in the area of pediatric audiology (Form 2)

Review the PASC Candidate Handbook here.


Documentation Checklist

Completed Online Application includes:

  • Online application form including:
    • State license (PDF document upload)
    • Payment of application fee ($100 for Academy members; $140 for non-members; reduced fee for 2nd certification)
  • Document upload after submitting online application:
    • Form 1: Documentation of Patient and Case Management hours
    • Form 2: Two professional references
    • Form 3: Non-disclosure agreement (regarding test materials)
    • Form 4: Demographic Information
    • Form 5a and 5b: Request for Test Accommodations with required documentation (if required)
  • Official transcript sent directly from your institution, either by mail or electronic access

After completing an online application form and paying the application fee, access the Required Uploads tab on your user dashboard to download PDF copies of Forms 1 to 5 for completion. After completing your forms, and having your two references sign a Form 2, you will upload the completed forms as PDFs through the Required Uploads tab. Only after you have uploaded all required forms, including the copy of your license, and the ABA has received your official transcript, is your application complete and ready for review and approval.


If you are a current or past Academy member, log in using your existing member ID and password. If you are not now and have never been an Academy member, use the Create Free Account option to create a new user record and then select your chosen application form under the Certifications heading on your dashboard.

Note: If your doctoral degree is not specifically titled “audiology,” contact the ABA for the Documentation of Coursework & Practicum Form.


How to Reinstate Your Certification

The ABA provides reinstatement for those who have let their PASC credential lapse. It is intended for those who maintained their certification for a minimum of three (3) years and whose certification has been expired no more than five (5) years. If you have completed twenty (20) hours of audiology-related continuing education in the last year and meet the other criteria listed below, you are eligible to apply for reinstatement of your credential.

Contact the ABA about Reinstatement

Criteria for Reinstatement

  • Hold an unrestricted license to practice audiology at the time of application;
  • Agree to abide by the ABA Code of Ethics;
  • Have held the certification for a minimum of three (3) years;
  • Your certification expiration date was within the last five (5) years;
  • Document a minimum of twenty (20) hours of audiology-related continuing education in the previous year; and
  • Submit the required documentation and pay the required fee.