Cochlear Implant Specialty Certification®

Obtaining a Cochlear Implant Specialty Certification® (CISC) means that an audiologist has acquired specialized knowledge in the field of cochlear implants and has demonstrated a high level of knowledge in this specialty area.

The CISC testifies to an audiologist's expertise in cochlear implants and demonstrates to colleagues, other health care providers, patients, and employers that he or she has acquired a high level of knowledge in the field of CI audiology, including expectations, surgical considerations, device operation, and rehabilitation.


While a certification is not a guarantee of any particular skill or competency, an audiologist holding specialty certification has demonstrated the ability to pass a rigorous examination and has practiced in the field of audiology for a minimum number of years.

Specialty certification is voluntary and is not tied to any other certification. Specialty certification is offered by the ABA without the requirement for membership in any professional organization. Specialty certification may be obtained independent of any other certification.


Program Status

Administration of the  CISC exam was discontinued in 2018 while the ABA Board considers evolution of the program. Please check back or contact ABA for more information.


How to Reinstate Your Certification

The ABA provides reinstatement for those who have let their CISC credential lapse. It is intended for those who maintained their certification for a minimum of three (3) years and whose certification has been expired no more than five (5) years. If you have completed twenty (20) hours of audiology-related continuing education in the last year and meet the other criteria listed below, you are eligible to apply for reinstatement of your credential.

Contact the ABA about Reinstatement

Criteria for Reinstatement

  • Hold an unrestricted license to practice audiology at the time of application;
  • Agree to abide by the ABA Code of Ethics;
  • Have held the certification for a minimum of three (3) years;
  • Your certification expiration date was within the last five (5) years;
  • Document a minimum of twenty (20) hours of audiology-related continuing education in the previous year; and
  • Submit the required documentation and pay the required fee.

Proper Use of Designation


Those audiologists who also have earned the Cochlear Implant Specialty Certification® (CISC®) should represent themselves with Cochlear Implant Specialty Certification on their business card, under their signature, on letterhead, etc. or with CISC after their signature.