Update Your Member Dashboard

Update Your Member Dashboard

“Right now, there’s nothing more important than being able to get information as quickly and reliably as possible. With the member benefit updates the Academy has been making, I receive timely and relevant information that matches my situation from coding and reimbursement news to up-to-date COVID-19-related information.” 

As a member of the Academy, we are here to help you through your professional journey with a variety of member benefits, including relevant and timely information and education and tools to help you maintain patient census and revenue such as our Find an Audiologist Directory. 

The information you provide through your profile will flow into our patient-centered Find an Audiologist Directory, helping build consumer awareness, patient census, and revenue. Moreover, our Academy team will also know your communication preferences and what content you want to see, giving you a better user experience.    

Update your member dashboard in four steps. 

 Log into your member dashboard.  

Under My Account, click Update My Profile.  

On your profile, update:  

  • Basic information such as your name 
  • Additional information such as your specialties 
  • Primary contact information including your work address and website URL
  • Your preferences such as your directory and communication preferences  

 Under My Account, click Update My Directory Profile Description.   

Updating your directory profile description will give those who find your profile a quick overview of you, your background, and any additional information you want them to know.     

 Under My Documents, click Update Profile Picture.

Updating your profile image will put a face to your name, making the user feel comfortable that you are a person and ready to schedule an appointment.  

How will the information in my member dashboard be used? 

When a member updates their profile, only consumer-friendly information flows through to the Find an Audiologist Profile. This information can include:
  • First and last name
  • Job title 
  • Preferred work phone number 
  • Preferred work address
  • Profile description and picture
  • Degree(s)
  • Specialties 
  • Current certifications
  • Current certifications with the American Board of Audiology (ABA)
  • Website URL
Demographic information such as gender, ethnicity, birthday, employment status, and salary will not be shared through the Find an Audiologist Profile. This information is strictly for the American Academy of Audiology so that our team may send relevant and timely educational information, Academy news, and content to our members.

Read the previous testimonials:

“Updating your member dashboard has many benefits, including receiving focused and meaningful communications from the Academy that are relevant to you, your situation, and your professional setting. You also have an opportunity to significantly enhance your professional online presence for consumers, potential patients, and health-care professionals who are looking for you through the Find an Audiologist Directory.”   

“The upgrades made to our membership database are important to me as the past president of the Academy, especially this year with the challenges hearing health care providers have faced. I encourage you to take advantage of member benefits, such as the Find an Audiologist Directory and update your communication preferences. You’ll have increased consumer visibility with the information you provide with the added benefit of only receiving communications from the Academy relevant to you.”  

“This upcoming year is especially important for the audiology community. How we choose to tell our prospective or current patients about service options in these uncertain times can truly define our success. That is why I encourage you to increase your practice’s visibility in the community by updating your member dashboard, which filters into a consumer-friendly directory.”   

“As president, I am excited to see the progress the Academy has made to continually serve our members. These updates include customized communications driven by individual member preferences and the increased visibility members gain when they update their dashboard with consumer-friendly information, such as a profile picture, bio, and specialties that can be included in the Find an Audiologist Directory.”

“Like everyone in health care, 2020 has brought challenges to audiologists and the patients we serve. Just keeping up with the rapidly evolving information is no small task. The American Academy of Audiology understands the issues we are all facing because we are the Academy.  

Renew your dues today and take less than a minute to update your preferences so your customized flow of essential communications from our leaders will allow you to meet the challenges head-on.  

Ensure you take advantage of the multiple educational opportunities. Many of these have been provided at no charge. Review important updates from dedicated committee members giving us the information needed to implement services like tele-audiology. Take a moment to update your professional profile so patients with hearing and balance issues can effectively use the newly updated Find an Audiologist Directory to locate you for in-person or remote appointments.  

Post to the Audiology Community to receive support from other audiologists facing the same challenges and learn how they are moving forward. Renew, update, and engage today. We are in this together.”  

“As an audiologist that specializes in vestibular diagnostics and treatment and amplification, it’s crucial to me that I be able to communicate this to the public. Through the Academy member directory update, I can not only share my specialties, but I can also share my profile picture and more about myself. I believe this is important so that consumers are more comfortable with me during their appointment. Additionally, I have been able to choose how the Academy communicates with me, along with the information I receive. This keeps me up-to-date, but not overwhelmed.”