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Celebrating 35 Years

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Founding the Academy

On January 30, 1988, a group of 32 audiologists met in Houston, Texas, at the invitation of Dr. James Jerger at the Baylor College of Medicine. They met to discuss the formation of a national association of audiologists. This association would be an essential part of every audiologist’s life. Together, the members would strive to advance the science and practice of audiology, and to achieve the recognition of the public as experts in hearing and balance.

Founder’s Day

In 2008, the Academy’s Board voted to declare January 30 as Founders’ Day. To commemorate this event, a flag will be flown above the U.S. Capitol on January 30 each year. Additionally, to honor our founding father, Dr. James Jerger, the conference room in our Capitol Hill Office was named the James Jerger Conference Room, made possible with a generous gift to the AAA Foundation from Plural Publishing and Dr. and Mrs. Singh.

Academy Founders

Lucille Beck
Fred Bess
Tomi Browne
David Citron
Michael Dennis
Leo Doerfler*
David Goldstein
James “Jay” Hall, III
Maureen Hannley*
Robert Harrison*
Linda Hood
John Jacobson
James Jerger
Susan Jerger
Robert Keith
Paul Kileny


Vernon Larson
H. Gus Mueller
Frank Musiek
Jerry Northern
Wayne Olsen
George Osborne*
Anita Pikus*
Ross Roeser
Roger Ruth*
Daniel Schwartz
Brad Stach
Laszlo Stein*
Roy Sullivan
Richard Talbott
Laura Wilber
Don Worthington

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