Volunteer roles post JFLAC

Professional Development Council Chair (current),  2023 Program Chair for American Academy of Audiology Conference,  Chair, American Academy of Audiology Foundation,  Development Chair, American Academy of Audiology Foundation,  Member, AAA Executive Director Search Committee,  Chair, Business Enhancement Techniques and Strategies Committee,  Learning Module sub-committee Chair, 2015 AAA Conference

Impact of JFLAC Conference

Prior to attending JFLAC, I was a mid-career professional focusing on my daily practice and exploring strategies to avoid career burnout. I had been involved in my state’s professional academy due to an invitation from a mentor, but volunteer leadership on a national level had never been an idea that I had entertained. I had erroneously assumed that those roles were reserved for PhD professionals with research and academic backgrounds. Attending JFLAC imparted the value and necessity of national volunteers who reflect the “average” clinical audiologist. JFLAC taught me that I had potential to be a leader and provided me with tools and opportunities to develop skills to seek new challenges for the second half of my career. Through JFLAC, I became a member of a cohort of like- minded colleagues from all over the country. This was professionally invigorating, and these colleagues have become friends that I look forward to seeing annually at professional events.

Why should you apply?

JFLAC provides an opportunity to become involved in the future direction of Audiology. The experience provides a mechanism to challenge yourself and explore new facets of personal and professional growth.