It has been a pleasure working with Lisa Christensen in her role as president of the Academy. I appreciate how Dr. Christensen communicates—she is direct, thoughtful, and kind. The themes that emerge from her Audiology Today (AT) columns, as well as her Audiology Weekly e-newsletter messages and board communications/videos, are full of thankfulness, gratitude, confidence, and involvement. Her final AT column was an invitation to “jump into the arena” and a commitment to help members find the right level of involvement. 

If you are reading this column, most likely you are a member of the Academy. This is an important level of involvement. Please know that the Academy leadership does not take your membership for granted. If you donate to the AAA Foundation or the Political Action Committee (PAC) (, search PAC), you are participating in a meaningful way. If you are on an Academy committee, task force, affiliated organization board, or you participate in another voluntary role, thank you—you are the people getting the work done. 

The Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act of 2019 promoted by three audiology organizations has been introduced in the House and Senate. There has never been more important legislation introduced to support our profession and the patients we serve. No matter what role you are playing in the Academy, you need to send a message to legislators indicating that this bill helps people with hearing loss by guaranteeing them access to their hearing health-care providers. Visit the Academy website ( and your letter of support is a couple clicks away. 

As I embark on this next year, I think about advice that I received from my parents. My father would remind me to “fix the problem, not the blame.” We need to solve problems, not worry about who or what might be to blame. My mom would remind me that, when it is essential to get something done, you no longer care who gets credit for it. 

I would encourage you to keep this in mind. If there are people who need to take credit for something, let them. You can get so much more done when you don’t care who gets credit. Let’s get things done. 

Thank you, Dr. Christensen, for a terrific year of working cooperatively to see essential legislation introduced in both the House and Senate and thanks in advance to everyone who will be doing the work of the Academy in the coming year. 

These are exciting, energizing, disturbing times and we need to make sure our patients are protected. What is best for our patients is what is best for our profession. This must drive our decisions and actions. Having a healthy, accessible profession of audiology that promotes customized solutions is essential to all individuals seeking hearing and balance care.