Brian M. Kreisman

Brian M. Kreisman

Photo of a stressed audiologist

Burnout in Audiologists: Sources, Susceptibility, and Solutions

“I’m so busy and stressed now that I’m working—and I thought grad school was bad!” “I’m so tired.” “I am sick of doing a good job and not being valued.” “Stick a (tuning) fork in me, I’m done!” A single term can describe what these individuals are feeling—burnout. Burnout is related to stress, frustration, and exhaustion that is emotional (Glasberg et al, 2007; Lavinder, 2005), physical (Felton, 1998), psychological (Jacobs et al, 2012), and/or spiritual (Crandell and Kreisman, 2004).

Topic(s): audiology, Stress


Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2017