Deanna Meinke

Deanna Meinke

Deanna Meinke, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences, at the University of Northern Colorado, in Greeley, Colorado.

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PUBLIC RELATIONS | Go Ahead, Call Lois Lane Back!

“Hello, my name is Lois Lane and I’m from the Daily Planet News. We are running a story about hearing loss in superheroes and I would like to interview you. Please return my call as soon as possible.” 

You listen to the voice mail message, thrilled that the newspaper has contacted you with an opportunity to promote audiology and hearing health care, yet it has been some time since you reviewed the literature relative to kryptonite ototoxicity and barotraumas. What can an audiologist do to assure a successful interview?

Topic(s): Hearing Aids, Hearing Health Care, Hearing Loss, public relations


Publication Issue: Audiology Today November/December 2017