Linda G. Gottermeier

Linda G. Gottermeier

Linda G. Gottermeier, AuD, is a professor in the Department of Communication Studies and Services at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. She provides audiological services including aural rehabilitation and classroom instruction.

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CASE STUDY INVESTIGATION | Influence of Provider Remarks on Efforts to Maximize Residual Hearing in a Deaf Client

The case report described here draws attention to a powerful variable, namely offhanded provider remarks, which can negatively influence rehabilitation outcomes, specifically for prelingually deaf adults. This group is known to be highly variable in their audiologic/hearing characteristics (Neuman et al, 2017) such that blanket statements are not likely to apply to a given individual.

Topic(s): Bilateral Hearing Loss, hearing aid, Cochlear Implants (CI), bimodal, audiological rehabilitation services, decision-making, Hearing Aids, speech-language pathology