Posting Job Opportunities for Audiologists

Before hiring an employee, an employer must understand the ins and outs of recruiting talent, understanding it’s business’ needs, and how to capture the job seeker’s attention. The American Academy of Audiology offers resources including education on recruiting talent. 

Recruiting Talent 

How do you recruit talent for your workplace? Do you limit hiring to generational hires or do you look for employees with shared values? Read more about recruiting talent

What is Talent? 

How do you know how to judge potential hires based on their talent? Do you hire employees with rare talent or those who have a strong commitment to performing well? Read more about finding the right talent.

Catching the Top Talent’s Attention

With so much recruitment happening, top talent have a pool of employment options these days. How do you get their attention? Do you overload them with information or give them the key facts? Read more about defining key facts. 

Reaching Out to Top Audiology Candidates Through Email

These days it seems as though everyone uses text messages, messenger, and phone calls to communicate. How should you reach out to a top audiology candidate? Email is still the preferred method of contact.  You just need to get their attention. Read more on how to pique their interest. 

Don’t Just Post a Job, Advertise Respect 

Is it enough to only post a job description and requirements? With the ability to attract passive and active job seekers, no it’s not enough. You need to gain both prospective applicants by advertising respect. Read more on how to advertise respect here. 


HEARCareers is the American Academy of Audiology's year-round resource for jobs and externships in audiology. It provides employers with an audience consisting of only current and soon-to-be audiologists. It also allows job seekers to view externships and job opportunities that cater specifically to their profession.

Externship Module

Exclusively for audiologists, the Externship Module conveniently connects externship opportunities with a talented pool of students actively seeking the clinical experience and professional judgment that will bring them one step closer to graduating with their AuD.

Post Externships Positions

  • Post and manage all of your externship positions on HEARCareers free of charge.
  • Access our Student Profile Database.
  • Utilize our database to engage directly with early career professionals looking for job opportunities in audiology.

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