Dr. David Preves has followed in Sam Lybarger’s footsteps as one of the great industry leaders. His contributions to the profession of audiology and the hearing aid industry are legion. Of special importance are the innovations he has brought to hearing aid design. He performed pioneering work in directional microphones, integrated circuits, and feedback management. His writings include more than 500 reports, published articles, and patent teachings. In addition to his many engineering contributions, Dr. Preves’ long-term service as chair of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Working Group on Hearing Aids has had a significant impact on the quality, reliability, and utility of hearing aid measurements. This challenging task requires the skills of an expert in acoustics, psychoacoustics, signal processing, and solid state electronics, as well the social skills to deftly manage a committee with divergent interests. Dr. Preves took over this role from Sam Lybarger himself. For over two decades, he has successfully mediated the differing needs of a globalized, rapidly changing hearing aid industry, the hearing aid dispensing community, consumers and regulators. He continues to play a pivotal role in producing standards on which the industry depends, and he represents the United States in international meetings with the IEC and ISO. Currently, Dr. Preves is a DSP Research Engineer at Starkey Laboratories.