During her impressive 33-year career in audiology, Eileen Rall has served as an exceptional educator, clinician, and leader in pediatric audiology.

Most recently, Dr. Rall served as the clinical coordinator at the Center for Childhood Communication of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In this role, she successfully improved multidisciplinary services for children and their families by creating a distinctive program with ongoing services for comprehensive coordinated assessment and intervention for infants and toddlers with hearing loss.

Dr. Rall is a highly sought presenter on a variety of pediatric topics, including the assessment of infants and children and how to support teens and families. She has published widely about the psychosocial development of children with hearing loss, pediatric amplification, and counseling. She also has taught courses in pediatric topics at Salus University for nine years.

Dr. Rall has been a productive volunteer for countless organizations and committees, including the Society for Ear, Nose, Throat Advances in Children; Knowledge Implementation in Pediatric Audiology; the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing, the Pennsylvania Department of Health Infant Hearing Screening Advisory Committee; and many others. Most recently, she was the 2018-2020 Chair of the Taskforce for Audiologic Guidelines for the Assessment of Hearing in Infants and Young Children Revision.