Kelly Baroch, AuD, is the 2023 recipient of the Clinical Excellence in Audiology Award. She has worked as a clinical audiologist at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for 23 years where she serves as the inpatient infant hearing program coordinator and audiology inpatient and perioperative coordinator.

In addition to these roles, Dr. Baroch served as a member of the national NICHQ committee that studied and recommended quality care practices for early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI) programs. Her leadership in this area provided her with the opportunities to serve as consultant for numerous children’s hospitals nationwide in developing and implementing clinical environments that meet the needs of EHDI programs to improve testing success and reduce unnecessary follow up appointments. 

While Dr. Baroch’s clinical accomplishments impact clinics across the country, her colleagues are proud to highlight that she is singlehandedly responsible for developing the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital NICU/CICU audiology program. Her success in developing this program has provided her with the opportunity to be an invited lecturer to schools, hospitals, and professional conferences where she has the opportunity to educate audiologists, students, and those outside of our profession to help raise the standard of care for critically ill pediatric patients. 

Dr. Baroch’s work has improved our knowledge base the field of audiology, helped countless infants receive better hearing health care, and most importantly provided counseling and support to parents of these infants in times when it was needed the most.