Dr. Roger Ruth is a highly respected internationally recognized audiologist with remarkable clinical, research, and teaching accomplishments. He has had significant impact on generations of students and fellows, as well as otolaryngology residents. Dr. Ruth has chaired 25 doctoral dissertations, the majority since joining James Madison University in 2000. His dedication to his students is outstanding. Dr. Ruth’s ability to present complex information that facilitates greater understanding by students and peers alike is a testament to his skill as a gifted teacher and clinician. He has shared generously his knowledge nationally and internationally and continues to do so.

Dr. Ruth received a BA degree in Speech and Hearing Science, an MA degree in Audiology, and a PhD degree in Audiology from the Ohio State University. He is Director of the Division of Communication & Balance and Professor of Otolaryngology and Human Services at the University of Virginia. Dr. Ruth also is Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at James Madison University.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Ruth has produced influential and pioneering articles in the areas of stapedial reflex dynamics, auditory brainstem response, intraoperative neurophysiology, electrocochleography, cochlear implants, and tinnitus. His work in electrocochleography has impacted the methods used to conduct this examination in audiology clinics throughout the nation and world.

In addition to his clinical, teaching, and research contributions, Dr. Ruth has served as an ad hoc reviewer for the National Institutes of Health and the Veterans Administration. He has served on countless committees as a subject matter expert for the professions of Audiology and Otolaryngology. This service to the profession has been contributed over and above his clinical, research, and teaching responsibilities.

Dr. Ruth is one of the longest-serving audiology directors in a university medical center in the United States. He is well respected and well liked by his professional colleagues. It has been said that Dr. Ruth could be thought of as an “Ambassador of Audiology”, because he is a wonderful role model. He is passionate about Audiology and its future, and he is held in highest regard by his students. Among his many accomplishments, Dr Ruth is a founding member of the American Academy of Audiology.