The American Academy of Audiology is excited to launch a new initiative aimed at providing audiologists with a unique way to access continuing education through individualized, experiential learning. Members seeking specific training or experience can earn continuing education units (CEUs) from a peer with access or expertise willing to guide them through an educational experience. In many professions, peer-to-peer mentoring is an acceptable and encouraged practice. Not all skills are learned best in didactic lecture format; some are obtained through hands-on, personalized engagement. And yet, for postgraduate professionals in our field, opportunities of this kind are limited. 

The Academy’s Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program (P2P) will allow audiologists to develop the educational experience that is most meaningful to them by calling on their peers to help them learn. Perhaps you’re interested in purchasing a new piece of equipment but are hesitant without trying it out in a real-world setting. Or you’re expanding into tinnitus management and want to learn more about integrating evaluations into your current patient flow from an experienced practice. Maybe you’d like to observe visual reinforcement audiometry at the local children’s hospital to re-engage skills learned long ago or get hands-on practice in a clinic regularly doing VEMPs or vHIT. Each of these are examples of how the P2P program can be used; the opportunities for individualized learning are vast. 

This CEU opportunity is for professionals at all stages in their careers. Interested members should submit an online application including a description of the planned mentoring event, and both the applicant and the mentor are required to sign-off on the experience. Want to participate but don’t have a specific mentor in mind? The Academy is creating a registry of potential peer mentors willing to consider requests to host a peer-to-peer experience. In other words, applicants can preselect a peer mentor, or they can review the registry to identify potential continuing education experiences. Think your site has something to offer? Sign up for the registry today! 

As lifelong learners in an ever-changing field, it is necessary to seek out opportunities to learn from those around us, and that should not be limited to lecture halls and meeting rooms. For many audiologists, the activities that P2P will support are taking place already  in clinics and practices all across the country. By making them eligible for CEUs, the Academy legitimizes these valuable experiences and opens up educational opportunities to audiologists across the country, regardless of practice setting, location, or budget.  

The Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program will launch May 1, 2018! Click here to learn more or to sign up for the registry today.

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