The Foundation is committed to supporting students as they continue their academic careers, learning exceptional clinical skills, and exploring many different avenues through research in hearing and balance. The Foundation currently offers a number of scholarships for audiology students. We want to congratulate the 2019 winners of the Empowering Students Scholarships, Sadanand Singh Memorial Scholarship, Judith Blumsack Scholarship, and the Continued Achievement Scholarships. 

Empowering Students Scholarship

The Empowering Students Scholarship program recognizes students who show exceptional promise as clinical audiologists. Funded by Oticon, Inc., this program provides five students with a $5,000 award each year. 

“Oticon is delighted to partner with the American Academy of Audiology Foundation to empower students who represent the future of audiology,” said Gary Rosenblum, president of Oticon, Inc. “At a time of change and challenge in hearing health care, we are proud to once again support the education of qualified hearing-care professionals who will play an essential role in the delivery of excellent hearing health care.”

Here are this year’s recipients:

Tiffany Mitchell from the University of Washington is an AuD student who wrote in her essay about the importance of listening and connecting with patients for optimal care. 

Sarah Delaney, from the University of Cincinnati, is an AuD student with the goal of providing the highest level of care with genuineness, acceptance, and empathy. 

J. Riley DeBacker, an AuD/PhD student at Ohio State University, has the goal of becoming a clinical professor so he can also teach students to provide outstanding care to patients. 

Kristen Punturiero, from the University of Iowa, is an AuD with aspirations of serving patients with additional disabilities and will be beginning her externship in the Iowa LEND program. 

Alina Lasrado is an AuD student at Arizona State University. Her goal is to provide evidence-based care for all of her patients.

Sadanand Singh Memorial Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to a minority or international student who shows exceptional promise in audiology research. This scholarship is dedicated to the respected Dr. Sadanand Singh, an educator, scientist, publisher, and philanthropist. Dr. Singh passed in 2010, but he has left a great legacy in the audiology community. 

The award of $500 was presented to Bryan Wong from the University of Arizona. Bryan is an AuD/PhD student whose area of interest is a combination of audiologic rehabilitation and the neurophysiologic changes, electrophysiology, and cognition.  

Judith Blumsack Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding clinical skills and show promise in clinical research and service to the professional community or the community at large. Dr. Blumsack was faculty at Auburn University and retired in 2014, at which time students, colleagues, family, and friends came together to create a $500 scholarship in her name. She was also a former member of the Foundation Board of Trustees. 

This year’s Judith Blumsack Scholarship winner is Soumya Venkitakrishnan from the University of Iowa. Soumya is an AuD/PhD student whose interest is clinical research. She is particularly interested in the area of amplification, listening- effort, and hearing aid effectiveness.

Continued Achievement Scholarship

The Continued Achievement Scholarships, funded by Audiology Online, are awarded to students who show exceptional promise in providing outstanding patient care as a clinical audiologist. This scholarship provides a $2,000 award for two students each year. 

This year’s scholarships were awarded to Joshua Caldwell from the University of North  Texas and Eileen Lancaster from the University of Iowa. Joshua is an AuD/PhD student who has an interest in auditory-evoked potentials in patients with and without tinnitus. Eileen is an AuD student whose goal is to provide compassionate care for both children and adults with physical   and mental disabilities.  


Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners; these students are deserving of the awards. Please make a donation to the Foundation so that we may continue to provide students financial support, as they are the future of the profession. 

If you are faculty or work with students, encourage them to apply for these scholarship grants here.

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