Audiology Today November/December 2018

The American Academy of Audiology promotes quality hearing and balance care by advancing the profession of audiology through leadership, advocacy, education, public awareness, and support of research. Dive into the November/December 2018 Audiology Today issue below!

Audiology Today President's Message

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE | A Year of Positivity and Focus

As we approach a new year with the Academy, we also begin the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving. For many the Thanksgiving holiday serves as a reminder of thankfulness and gratitude for our families, friends, and, yes, even our profession.

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Time conspires against us. It hardly feels like more than a decade has passed since I edited my first issue of Audiology Today (AT) in July 2008.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Differentiating Audiologists from Hearing Aid Dealers

The July/August 2018 issue of Audiology Today includes only Part 1 of Larry Engelmann’s article on “Differentiating Audiologists from Hearing Aid Dealers,” but I have read enough to reply in kind here and now. I agree with him completely that inflating titles and incorrectly assigning titles can be very misleading to the public, but let’s apply these sins to both populations he addresses in his article.

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KNOW HOW | Improving the Patient Experience

Audiology, as a profession, is ever changing, growing, and evolving. Once again, with the upcoming over-the-counter hearing aid definition and Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, we all are trying to look in our crystal balls to see what the future holds.

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Audiology Needs a Paradigm Shift: Moving From a “Condition-Based” Paradigm to a “Resource-Based” Paradigm

Why is society so indifferent toward hearing care? Does it really matter if it is? And, if it does matter, what should we be doing to make hearing care relevant?

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Adult Group Aural Rehabilitation: Implementing a Successful Program

This article offers insight into creating and implementing an effective group adult aural rehabilitation program.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

The hearing aid industry has its share of visionary engineers and scientists who, despite unforeseen difficulties and constraints, persevered and are responsible for the advances and inventions in hearing aid amplification taken for granted by clinicians today.

Illustration of a man trying to put a rectangular block into a round hole - Stop the Madness: Verify Hearing Aid Fittings! Hope for the Future? Article

Stop the Madness: Verify Hearing Aid Fittings! Hope for the Future? (Title inspired by Roeser and Clark (2008))

One student noted an increase in the use of REM by audiologists after they experienced a decrease in return visits when they performed REM.

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OPINION EDITORIAL | A Passion for Advising From the SAA Advisor at Purdue

In August 2015, I began employment at Purdue University, hired as a clinical assistant professor in Audiology. My primary responsibilities include clinical supervision and education of first- and second-year AuD students.

Soundwave illustration - CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT | Demystifying CPT Code 92700 Article

CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT | Demystifying CPT Code 92700

There are Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for almost every audiology procedure that exists. It is important to use the code that most accurately represents the audiologic procedure or service provided, which is often very straightforward.

Starkey Hearing Technologies representatives with recipients of the 2017–2018 SAA HEAR Chapter grants at the AAA 2018 SAA Membership Meeting

FOCUS ON FOUNDATION | HEAR Chapter Grants Help SAA Chapters Promote Hearing Health Care at Home and Abroad

Starkey Hearing Technologies representatives with recipients of the 2017–2018 SAA HEAR Chapter grants at the AAA 2018 SAA Membership Meeting.

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SAA SPOTLIGHT | Ten Years of the Student Academy of Audiology

October 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA). In the past decade, the student organization has become the strongest, most unified representation of the audiology student population.

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ABA SOUNDING BOARD | The Year in Review

The REBOOT—We have been busy over the past year!

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ACAE CORNER | A Year in Review

As 2018 winds down and we reflect on our business this year, the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE) is optimistic.

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ACADEMY NEWS | 10th Anniversary of Jerger Future Leaders Conference in Audiology: A Smashing Success!

Another stellar group of early- to early-mid-career audiologists were selected from the largest pool of applicants so far to attend the 2018 Jerger Future Leaders in Audiology Conference (JFLAC).

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AUDIOLOGY ADVOCATE | Hearing Aid Coverage for Children is Necessary: Let Nebraska Show You How

While we pursue independence and autonomy for audiologists across the United States, it is of dire importance that we continue to do the same for our patients.