Audiology and Otology Guidance During COVID-19: A U.K. Guide

Audiology and Otology Guidance During COVID-19: A U.K. Guide

February 12, 2021 In the News

On January 15, 2021, a collaborative group of audiology professional bodies in the United Kingdom released an updated version of a document titled Audiology and Otology Guidance During COVID-19.

The document begins by stating that services should be offered in line with any local employer guidelines; however, a range of audiological services are recommended including face-to-face appointments as well as communication via digital communication (i.e., telephone, video, email).

A decision-making flow chart is provided to determine the need for face-to-face or digital appointments. Other topics covered in the document include the use of clear masks, decisions regarding wax removal, the need for adequate room ventilation, continued precautions following COVID-19 vaccination, and a detailed appendix to address infection prevention, operational guidelines, personal protective equipment, clinical readiness, pediatric considerations, and more.

This document serves as a valuable resource for all audiologists when making clinical decisions during the pandemic; many thanks to this working group for sharing this resource on the internet.

 For more information, please see the full document.

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