Audiology Ranked as 14th Best Career (Out of 200 Jobs)

Audiology Ranked as 14th Best Career (Out of 200 Jobs)

May 21, 2019 In the News

We all know that working as an audiologist is rewarding and awesome, but now everyone else does too!, a website for career seekers and employers, ranked audiologist as the 14th best job out of 200 jobs. CareerCast reports a median salary of $75,920 with a good work environment (68/200), very low stress (4/200), and projected growth of the profession (29/200).

In an associated article,, discusses rankings among health-care professions. The five highest-ranking health professions among the 200 listed in the CareerCast report included genetic counselor (5th), medical services manager (6th), speech-language pathologist (12th), dental hygienist (13th), and audiologist (14th). As a result, audiology was ranked as the 5th best profession in health care, above physical therapist (18th) and optometrist (20th).

The five worst-ranking health professions included emergency medical technician (197th), nursing assistant (184th), nurse’s aide (177th), home health aide (130th), and registered nurse (122nd). Interestingly, surgeon (109th), dentist (105th), and physician (102nd) were in the top 10 worst professions, mostly due to a poor work environments and high stress.

What’s the take away? First, it’s great to see audiology recognized and ranked so highly. I’m not sure about the “very low stress” category, but according to these articles, we seem to experience lower stress and better work environments than other health professionals. Second, some of the professions in which we may consider as peer groups (e.g., dentist) had shockingly low ratings when compared to audiology. Maybe the grass over there really isn’t greener. I think I’ll keep my day job!


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