Bored Out of My Mind

Bored Out of My Mind

December 16, 2020 In the News

Hi! I am a hearing aid and I am bored out of my mind.

It took years, no decades, for me to hone the skills to be a discriminating listener. At first, I could tell when sound was coming from the front versus other directions. Then, I could tell when you were speaking from when the fan was whirring or traffic was zipping by.

It took a lot of hard work but I even learned how to pull out the voice of whomever was speaking with you from the random noises in the background. 

You did not thank me for reporting what kinds of soundscapes you were spending time in—but I did it. And now? You don’t go anywhere, don’t commute to work, don’t go out to dinner, don’t even chat with anybody outside your bubble. Let me just say—your bubble, it is small! And you know the worst of it all? Even when people talk to you, it sounds like they have a piece of cloth on their mouth. 

It’s a different world I tell you. And my agile brain is just melting with boredom. Do something about it, will ya? Go to a few of the sites below and play me some traffic noise, quite office sounds, restaurant sounds, or even some rain on a tent. It's not the rain but the boredom that is going to make me melt if you don’t.




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