Hearing Loss and Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss and Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

January 10, 2019 In the News

Is there a difference between hearing professionals that only perform first fit without verification versus patients that forgo hearing tests and purchase over the counter (OTC)? 

This article written by Huch, an audiologist and president of Oro Valley and Grace Hearing Center, discusses the implications of OTC hearing aids and how it will ultimately impact consumers with hearing loss. 

Patients who see an audiologist for a hearing aid fitting, but do not return to continue care, may have similar consequences as a patient going out and purchasing an OTC hearing aid without seeing a hearing professional. 

Huch provides an overview of how OTC hearing aids will do more harm than good as well as concerns for the field of audiology.


Huch J. (2019) The attempt to save money will hurt the hearing impaired. The Hill, January 5.

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